Rockin' City Officials

Rockin’ City is always looking for and needing officials for our sport. A normal game needs anywhere from three to seven referees on skates as well as five to twelve non-skating officials. Depending on the level of gameplay, the games are usually staffed by the most experienced officials. Our sport has a constant need for all skill levels on skates or off. Basic whistle and leadership skills can be very helpful during any of our weekly practices, and once you progress with some basic skills, there are frequent scrimmages to build up the more challenging skills needed to referee a sanctioned game. Beyond that, officials can visit other leagues for even higher level game play or tournaments. There’s really no end to learning in roller derby, and the appreciation shown by members of our league is the best in the sport. Come join us! You’ll love it.

Head of Officials

Head Referee

Frequently Asked Questions about Officiating

Do Officials have to be league members?

No. Officials are not required to hold league membership to volunteer.

Are all Officials on skates?

Not all! There are NSO (non-skating Official) positions at every game. SO (Skating Officials) are also known as referees and they are on skates, preferably quad skates.

How do I join Rockin' City as an Official?

Officials need not be league members! If you’re interested in learning to be a Skating Official (Ref) or an NSO (Non-skating Official) – reach out to any Rockin’ City Referee or email us for more information. WFTDA insurance is required before you can skate with us, and if you’re skating you must provide your own gear.

What’s in it for me?

Rockin’ City loves their officials and volunteers. Your involvement will give you an instant sense of community and your understanding of the game will grow exponentially. There are no monthly dues or attendance requirements- but you’ll be encouraged to attend as many practices as you can. Volunteers enjoy free admission to events and can expect to receive the smiles, gratitude and adoration of the league as a whole. (Bonus: Free snacks on bout days!)

Qualities and Skills for Success

  • The ability to skate, stop, turnaround and cross-over (on-skates officials only)
  • Professional attitude
  • Sense of fairness
  • Eagerness to learn and ask questions
  • Teachable
  • Kindness
  • Sense of humor

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